Chyavan Danta

“Paste was an option, but I did not want chemicals in me!” The traditional method of oral care; dant manjan for all your oral care needs

Chyavan Pachan

"I am your tummy’s best friend before every meal!" The ayurvedic gut health expert to take of constipation, bloating, acidity, GERD and a lot more

Chyavan Dard Nivarak

"I seep deep to make your pain slip away!" The Ayurvedic massage oil for joint pain relief, bone and muscle development

Chyavan KayaKalp Malt

"The Original Anti-Aging Formula" Immunity, Energy, overall wellness including skin glow - this product takes eternal youth and anti - ageing a bit too seriously

Chyavan Shwas

"Asthma or No, I'm your Best friend for healthy Lungs!" Has lung health ever been a concern for you? If so, not anymore. The ancient ayurvedic concoction for healthy lungs.

Chyavan KasaNirvah

"I may taste spicy but you won’t cough again!" Seasonal cough, sore throat, phlegm or tuberculosis - here is your partner to take care of it

Chyavan Kaya Swastham

"Immunize and Energise - that is what I do for you" If you feel you need a little bit more to help you in bed, this is the perfect ayurvedic product for you

Chyavan Swachhak

"I'm the secret for your kidney, liver & urethra immunity!" Stones or infections in your urinary tract? Not anymore with this ayurvedic concoction